1. A 45 y.o. Aboriginal lady presenting to you with history of DM and CRF requesting referral for PD locally.
    what do you ask in the history of this patient?

    Direct to concern of PD locally , Her current control and status of diabetes and complications, current control and status of CRF, Common aboriginal issues ,Socioeconomic factors
    Explore background – Why she want to get it done locally , how frequently does it do, where ,What specialist , detail about it Symptoms of DM and complications (KNIVES),including CRF ( Anemia ,fluid retention, low K, osteoporosis, depression , uremia ---Doka ) S/R,PMH- Detailed for DM and CRF ( Transplant, Transfusions ) multy drug how keep , side effects , SH- Copping, Career, fall risk ---------menstruation.